The Mortgage Kit – by Thomas C. Steinmetz – 5th Edition
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Saving money. It’s what home loan shopping is all about. And nothing helps you save money and secure the best deal like The Mortgage Kit. By guiding you through the entire mortgage process—from applying to refinancing—this proven bestseller is your one-stop mortgage guide.

Bursting with Internet information designed to put you in the driver’s seat, The Mortgage Kit includes:

  • An all-new, time-saving Internet resource guide.
  • Advice on applying for a mortgage on the Internet.
  • Tips on finding a lender online.
  • And, The Mortgage Kit is packed with hands-on charts, graphs, and worksheets that have helped tens of thousands of homebuyers successfully navigate the mortgage maze.

Mortgage guru Thomas Steinmetz leaves no stone unturned by revealing:

  • Money-saving strategies for applying for a mortgage.
  • Tips on handling problems that may affect mortgage qualification.
  • Strategies on comparison mortgage shopping.
  • The ins and outs of reverse mortgages.
  • This book explains it all.
  • 273 pages 7.25″ x 9 ” softcover.