Make Money in Short-Sale Foreclosures: How to Bypass Owners and Buy Directly from Lenders
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  • by Chantal Howell Carey and Bill Carey
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Foreclosures are the most profitable way to invest in real estate. But most real estate books on foreclosures don’t tell you how to invest in short-sale foreclosures—properties with even more profit potential than regular foreclosures. A short-sale foreclosure is a lender accepting a loan payoff for less than the amount owed. This comprehensive new guide from renowned real estate authors Chantal and Bill Carey covers all the ins and outs of short-sale foreclosure investing, from finding properties to negotiating with lenders, to closing the deal and making a bundle.

Inside you’ll find all the information you need to succeed:

  • Finding great short-sale foreclosure deals.
  • Dealing with owners in financial distress.
  • When to buy short-sale foreclosures.
  • Creating equity in foreclosure properties.
  • Writing successful short-sale offers.
  • FHA, VA, and private mortgage insurance short-sales.
  • Purchasing short-sale properties at auction.
  • Understanding escrow, closing, and title insurance.
  • Flipping short-sale properties.
  • 267 pages, 6″ x 9″ hardcover.